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10 things you need to know when starting a new job

10 things you need to know when starting a new job Your first week at your new work place can either go well, or make you rethink about your new position. Your first day at work may be among the most memorable and perhaps stressful day of your career. Here are ten things that you […]

Life is a stage and Iím here to dance

“Life is a stage and Iím here to dance” Queen Harish is India’s dancing drag queen from Jaisalmer. This gypsy has been mesmerising global audiences, be it in Russia, Japan, Middle East or Australia. Meet the man who has the swirl of a woman. Whether it is his bustier-filled silicon breasts or his make-up that […]

Hottest costume trends for Navratri

Hottest costume trends for Navratri Dhoti pants It’s time to bring out those comfortable dhoti pants. Pair them with a short kurta and accessories like a waistband that add life to the entire look and you are set to go. Kurta and Skirt Another hassle-free combination you can try this Navratri is the long kurta […]

Favourite earrings for this festive season

Favourite earrings for this festive season†† The pearl dangler†You can never go wrong with pearls, they just make any attire look classy. Simple pearl danglers in matte gold, oxidise or german silver make for great accessories this season. You can also go for the exquisite ones that have rows of small pearls weaved in thin […]

Coffee Healthy Flauver

Coffee Healthy Flauver Hazelnut(Pahaadi Badam): coffee me hazelnut oil kii kuch boonde milakar yha flavor paa skti hai.yha coffee ko smoky flavor dega.isme mojood vitamin E skin aur hair ke liye laabdaayak hai.isme antioxidents bhi hote hai. Vanilla: coffee bnate waqt vanilla extract mil le yaa fir coffee beans ke sath vanilla beans ko pees […]

10 foods bad for your skin

  With growing awareness, people have become more health as well as beauty conscious. In this aesthetic-loving age, it is very essential to let people know that what they consider ‘aesthetic’ is also related to their skin. Foods that disturb water balance Dehydration causes drying of the skin. Wrinkling is a common side effect of […]

7 Inspiring facts about Gandhi

HIS LOVE FOR WALKS† Mahatma Gandhi’s statues of him walking with a stick for support is quite popular. This is attributed to his fondness for long walks, which were an integral part of his life. Terming it as the ‘prince of exercises’, he enjoyed them right from his high school days. Even when he was […]