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Miss Universe year 2015 Urvashi Rautela

Miss Universe year 2015 Urvashi Rautela : Miss Universe 2015:† Urvashi Rautela beside with top† ten sizzling† favorite contestants Instagram UrvashiRautela. India’s contestant has constantly made it in peak† predictions†† for†††† the††† beauty pageants and this year is no dissimilar. Miss Diva Universe 2015 Urvashi Rautela has been named among the top ten participants to […]

20 special things about Aishwarya rai

† 20 special things about Aishwarya rai: Aishwarya first commercial was for Camlin pencils . Aishwarya rai Bachchan once had a close encounter with actress Rekha in a grocery store. Rekha renowned Ash from her ads tapped her on the shoulder and wished her all the best. †Aishwarya’s famous Pepsi ad co-starring Amir Khan was […]

Ginger benefits

Ginger benefits: Ginger is a very old surprise flavor and is given the status of a “natural medicine” in early Ayurvedic medicine. Thatís because this surprise flavor has time-tested, absorption-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous further health benefits. Ginger is kindly used in everyday life. Ginger Tea is a family favorite, and its grandmaís […]