Life is a stage and I知 here to dance

“Life is a stage and I知 here to dance”

Queen Harish is India’s dancing drag queen from Jaisalmer. This gypsy has been mesmerising global audiences, be it in Russia, Japan, Middle East or Australia. Meet the man who has the swirl of a woman. Whether it is his bustier-filled silicon breasts or his make-up that takes about two hours to perfect, Queen Harish knows every trick in the book to look like a seductress. He’s been a guest dancer with musician bands like Chebi Sabbah, Rupa & The April Fishes, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Ghalia Benali and also featured in a reality show. Known for his belly dancing, Queen’s heavily made-up eyes, and slim waist add to his mystique and yes, elegance. He speaks about the cult of drag, dancing as well as his personal life!

The Big Dream

I wanted to be India’s top dancer. I was lucky to get a break at a reality show. Actually, it’s not just about dancing. The trick lies in being sensuous with ease. My long lashes and lustrous hair have made me a showstopper. I picked up dancing skills over time, whether it was pole dancing or Sufi whirling. As a drag queen, my success lies in being an entertainer. My big dream right now is to be the biggest showman of the decade before I hang up my boots. Going global Today, I’m India’s most famous drag queen dancer. I’m a man in a ghagra and choli. But I’m not someone you make fun of – my talent is my art. A drag queen is an art form, not just a way of life. It offers me a creative outlet. Anyone who wants to be a great drag queen should first pick up the finer nuances of make-up. Preparation before an act usually takes an hour, but it’s worth the time. At times you are the butt of jibes. People say, `Oh, you must have been a woman in your last birth, or you will be one in your next life’, but I choose to ignore all these comments. After all, it’s the love of the audience that has made me famous.

Success Quotient

I may have achieved a lot, but in hindsight it wasn’t easy. During my teenage years, people laughed at me. I lost my parents when I was 13, so I took to dance to support my sisters. Over time I realised that of all dance forms I practise, the one appreciated the most is bellydancing. I’ve created my style of fusion dance for which I’ve experimented a lot. On a reality talent show, I was floored when Kirron Kher (one of the judges) gave me the ultimate compliment – `Kisi mard ko itni nazakat ke saath naachte nahi dekha’.

Life Philosophy

Be happy. Make others laugh and be dedicated to your art. Life is a stage, and I’m here to dance, that’s my motto.

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